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Adding comments, tasks or related items

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A user can add "Comments" to any item in Kahootz, which other workspace members will see and can be notified about. 

This allows you to track and store discussions, meaning you have all the information regarding an item in one place. 

For example, the discussions about creating and revising a document are shown with the document.


Similarly, you can add "Tasks" to any item, meaning you can store, monitor and assign actions regarding the item.

You don't have to chase members for feedback or approval - Kahootz will do it for you!

Related Items

You can also use "Related items" to link things together. Related items are visible to other workspace members when they view either item. 

Kahootz Tip: If you link a document to a survey gathering people's feedback on the document, members will be able to see the link from both sides.

* The document page will show a link to the survey, and the survey page will show a link back to the document.

To enable/disable comments, tasks or related items

  • Go to the item's Modify page.
  • Tick the checkbox for either Comments, Tasks or Related Items if you wish to enable them for that item.
  • Click Save.

Kahootz Tip: When adding a comment, you can select individuals by name using the @mention function or you can select the whole team.

To add/remove comments, tasks or related items - simply open the item, expand the relevant section and click add.

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