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Creating a database

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To create a database:

  1. Under the Actions Menu, click Create a new item.
  2. Select Database.
  3. You can either pick from one of the provided templates or build your own. For more information on templates see Database templates.
  4. Click Continue
  5. Add a Name and Description for your database.
  6. Define your column titles and what type of data they can hold; you can create as many columns as you need! Special types include email addresses. maps, ratings and pictures.
  7. In the Permissions section, you will be given a list of different sets of permissions. For more information on this see Database Permissions.
  8. Click Save.

After you have created your database you can add guidance to columns to help users before they enter data, or customise other settings such as formatting.
To do this click Manage this database.
Next to each column title will be a Modify Icon,
Once you have clicked on the icon, you can enter the guidance in the Guidance section.


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