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Direct "View/Edit" for Documents via Microsoft Office Desktop

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Kahootz includes direct editing features for Microsoft Office documents, making it easier for you to make changes compared to the usual workflow of downloading, editing, saving to local disc then re-uploading. 

The software supports the direct editing of the following MS Office file types:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Visio
  • Project

Suitable documents will show a relevant Edit in Office button next to them. When you first click on that button, Kahootz will check you have the appropriate software installed on your computer. If you have it, then the file/document will open on your device.

Kahootz Tip: Please remember to click "Enable Editing" once the document opens in order to edit which also locks it via Kahootz. We also recommend that you click save periodically while editing your document to prevent any loss of data ie: inactive sessions etc.

Once clicked, the document is automatically locked, stopping other users from making changes at the same. When you save in Office, your changes are sent back to Kahootz. Closing your Office window unlocks your document so other users can edit it and creates a new version.

1. If you don't have Microsoft Office 365 enabled via your site, you'll see these options available.

2. If you have Microsoft Office 365 enabled on your site, you'll see these options instead.

(Screenshot to be uploaded shortly)

Trusting your Kahootz site

If you get a "Do you Trust this Document" popup window, verify that the "From" address is your Kahootz website address by clicking "OK." Your document should then open in the correct Office application. 

You may find that it opens in Office's "Protected View." If this happens, click the "Enable Editing" button in Office, and a writable copy will be opened.

Kahootz Tip: If you wish to remove the protected view, you may be able to do this yourself by following these instructions. If you can't, please contact your local IT team for assistance.

Having problems? Try our checklist

You'll need:

  1. An uploaded Microsoft Office document - Word, Excel or PowerPoint. This feature currently only works with MS Office and does not work in other applications.
  2. Normal permissions in Kahootz allowing you to edit that document - if you don't see actions to upload a new version of this document on the document page then you don't have permissions to edit that document or another user has it locked.
  3. A computer running Microsoft Windows with Office 2016 or later - not an Apple Mac, Linux computer or a Mobile device.
  4. The appropriate MS Office application already installed on your computer. The edit is done in your desktop application, not in your web browser.
  5. If you’re using a work computer, your IT department may have chosen to disable the custom URI schema that enable Microsoft Office applications to be started from the browser.
  6. If you have MS Office installed but the required Office application does not start when you click on the “Edit in Office” button, you can try to repair your Office installation.  
  7.  Sometimes an update to MS Office can cause the custom URI schema to stop working. Repairing Office often fixes it - click here for steps on how to do this.
Kahootz Tip: If you need to talk to your IT department about the required custom URI schema, the scheme names used are "ms-word", "ms-excel," "ms-powerpoint" "ms-project" and "ms-visio." Support for these schemas is usually included as part of the initial Microsoft Office installation.
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