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Folders (Display & Sorting + Permissions)

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Folders are an easy way to arrange information in your workspace. 

You can create your own structure that you and your members understand - making it easy to navigate! 

You can control what happens in the workspace and control who can add what items. Here are a few examples of the ways in which folders can be used:

  • A 'policies' folder can have documents added to it only by a 'policy' team you've setup.
  • A 'shared links' folder can have links added by any member.

Folder permissions:

  • View - who can see this folder and browse it. (This doesn't control who can see the items in the folder - they have their own permissions.)
  • Modify - who can modify this folder's name, permissions etc. (Again, this doesn't control who can modify items in the folder- they have their own permissions.)
  • Create - who can create items in the folder; which items can be created is controlled by the list below. Managers can always create all types of items. 
  • Item Types - Which items can be created in this folder? Managers can always create any item.
  • Copy Permissions - Copy these permissions to everything beneath this folder as well.

Tip: Try assuming you don't need all the item types, and then permitting the ones you need.

For example, calendars - you don't necessarily want lots of calendars in your workspace, so is there a need for people to create them in this folder? 

Folder Display & Sorting:

In Kahootz you can customise each folder to control its appearance and the sort order for items.

To customise a folder, click Modify Folder Properties and Permissions, found under the Actions Menu.  The following options are available in the Display and Sorting section:

  • Default View - users can select which default view they wish to see when navigating.
  • Fields - each item's name is always displayed and you can change which additional information is shown: Modify Date or Create Date.
  • Show the sort and view mode controls - Ticking this box allows the controls to be visible for everyone to change.
  • Display folders before other item types? - Ticking this box causes folders to be listed before other items, regardless of the sort order.)
    For example, if you sort by Name and tick this box, the list of folders sorted by name will be displayed followed by a list of all the other items sorted by name.
  • Hide the contents of this folder - Ticking this box will hide all the item types when viewing this folder (note: managers can always choose to see the contents)
  • Default Sort Order - you can change the standard order of the folder's contents.

By customising a folder, you can choose a layout that works for your content. For example:

  • If the actual date of modification isn't really relevant, then don't show it and keep the page simpler. 
  • If changed items are of extra interest, then show the New / Modified icon.
  • If the folder contains a changing set of documents or dated sub-folders, then order by last modified to get the most recent to the top.
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