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How do tasks work?

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Kahootz supports tasks either in task lists or on any other type of item within your workspace. The tasks can either be simple "to-do" items to tick off, or you can use the advanced features to assign the tasks, add due dates and so on. This article covers the details of who can see and modify tasks under each of those settings.

A task can be seen by anyone who can see the task list or associated item. Anyone that has been assigned a task can also see it and mark it as complete. 

If it is appropriate, you can give your task a due date  - Kahootz will send you reminders in the approach to the deadline and a notification when overdue.

You can also assign a task to one or more workspace members. If you assign it to multiple members you can decide whether anyone or everyone should complete the task. 

  • Anyone - only one of the set of people needs to complete it.

EXAMPLE: Assign the task of buying doughnuts for a meeting to three people, but you only need one person to actually do it - you don't want three sets.

  • Everyone - all the assignees need to each mark the task as complete. When you save, this will actually create a set of separate tasks, one for each assignee, so you can track individual progress.

EXAMPLE: You want three people to independently review a document. 

When members are assigned a task they will receive an email stating this, and it will also be added to the assignee's task list. 

Anyone who can view a task list can see all the tasks inside it. Anyone who an edit a task list can edit, or mark as complete, any of the tasks in it. If they can't edit the task list but are assigned to a particular task they can change the status (i.e. not started, started, complete) and mark the task as complete. They can't, however, change the task name, due date, or assignees. 

In regards to notification reminders, tasks notify the user at the following intervals.

1. Notification & email is sent to the user when the task has been created/assigned to you.
2. Notification & email reminder is sent 7 days prior to the completion date.
3. Notification & email is sent when the task turns into an overdue state.

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