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How notifications work

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When you create or modify content in Kahootz you can choose which of the workspace members should be notified about that change. You can pick individual members, teams or all members if relevant, allowing you to target communications and involve exactly who you need.

Members who are notified about a change are then subscribed to that item, will be notified about any future changes to it, or comments made about it. If you subscribe to a folder you'll be told about any new items in that folder, but you won't be told about subsequent changes to those items unless you choose to subscribe to them directly.


Individual members can subscribe or unsubscribe from notifications about any item by clicking on the subscribe icon in the breadcrumb at the top of its page, or view and manage their subscriptions via the Subscriptions page found in the Account dropdown.

Members will also be subscribed if they post a comment about an item, or if someone else posts a comment about it and mentions their name using the '@mention' option in the comment box.


All notifications will appear in the Notifications panel at the top of the page, which is great for users who use Kahootz every day and want to see notifications but don’t want too many emails. You can choose whether you receive automatic emails about those notifications too from the Email Preferences page found in the Workspace Menu dropdown for each workspace. You can choose not to get emails, just to get them about items you're subscribed to, about any changes to documents messages and questionnaires, or those changes and all your subscriptions.

Separately you can choose to get a daily or weekly summary of all changes in the workspace. If you have several workspaces on a daily summary, those summaries will be combined into one email for you. 


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