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What are workspace templates?

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If you have a particular use case in mind for Kahootz, you may want to create a workspace with one of our templates, so have some related content, structure, and permissions set up straight away. 

Kahootz Tip: If you cannot select "New Workspace" then you do not have the relevant permissions. Please contact your site owner for more information.

This is useful if you need a set of workspaces that work in the same way. For example, a set of regional groups all needing the same workspace structure. This will save time setting up each new workspace.

These are the standard Kahootz templates available when creating a new workspace:


Kahootz Tip: Templates don't need to be permanent. You can customise your workspace after it's been created from a template - it's just a useful starting point.

Custom templates

If you've created a workspace layout that you feel could benefit other users in your Kahootz site, it's possible to add this to the list of templates.

Here are some examples of custom Kahootz templates we have created internally:


Kahootz Tip: In order to create custom workspace templates, an Enterprise license is required.

If you do have an Enterprise license and have a workspace you'd like to turn into a template for your site, please contact Kahootz support.

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