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About Kahootz

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Kahootz is brought to you by INOVEM — market leaders in cloud collaboration. We also offer a full, Enterprise Edition.

Kahootz is hosted in the cloud, so is accessible from any Internet-enabled device using login credentials. 

Trusted by Government, accessible to everyone.

Available since 2003, our award-winning Kahootz cloud collaboration service is wholly owned, developed and hosted in the UK.

We are serious about cyber-security and protecting your data. In addition to regular, independent certification of our business operations and cloud security controls, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kahootz is one of the few cloud services that have been accredited by security conscious Government departments such as the UK’s Ministry of Defence and Department of Health.

Building on these impressive credentials, Kahootz is now used by hundreds of thousands of people across public sector organisations, enterprises and non-for-profits to find smarter, safer, ways of working in the cloud.

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