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eMails & Notifications Bounce and not Received by the User

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There are two types of bounced emails: Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces.

A hard bounce is an e-mail message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid.

Whereas soft bounces are due to addresses that were rejected due to a temporary issue, such as a recipient's email box being full.

Tip: If this issue occurs then the user will get notified via their account profile advising their emails have been stopped, see below.

By default, when logging into your Kahootz site you'll be presented with this screen below.

Some Kahootz sites redirect to a specific page so you'll need to click "Account > Email Preferences" to see the screen below.

* Simply click the link "Start delivering emails to me again" to enable your emails which will stop them from bouncing.

If any issues, contact the support team for assistance as they'll be able to confirm if your emails are bouncing or not as shown.


Tip: The Kahootz Support team cannot manage nor have any control as to why your emails are bouncing.

For more information, these are the most common reasons why emails bounce.

1. A non-existent email address

If the bounce is marked as “non-existent email address,” the email address could have a typo or the person with the address may have left the organization.

2. Undeliverable email

If bounced emails are in the “Undeliverable” category, that means that the receiving email server is temporarily unavailable, was overloaded, or couldn’t be found.

3. Mailbox full

If your contact has so many emails in their inbox that they can’t receive more, your emails will bounce back until there’s space for them.

4. Vacation/Auto-Reply

If someone goes on vacation or can’t check their email for a long period of time, the emails to them will bounce.

5. Blocked email

If the email addresses are placed within the “Blocked” category, the receiving server has blocked the incoming email.

This also includes the user's settings up their own block within the mailbox.

6. Other


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