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How-To Bulk Update/Modify Multiple Database Rows - Knowledgebase Articles / How-To - Software Support

How-To Bulk Update/Modify Multiple Database Rows

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This KB article will provide step-by-step guidance regarding updating/modifying multiple Database entries at the same time within your own Kahootz site.

In order to modify rows within a Database, you require "modify" permissions, therefore, if you cannot follow these steps - contact your Workspace Manager.

Open the Database and select all the rows you wish to modify by ticking/selecting each row's checkbox down the right-hand side as shown below.

As shown above, I've selected 3 rows to edit - for this example, I wish to change the single numbers in the (#) column to 3 digits to match the other values.

Click on the "modify" button at the bottom, next to the delete (be careful not to press the delete) button.

Now change the individual values of the selected rows by entering the correct number into each field.

However, you may need to make a bulk change to a single value ie: change all entries from Company A to Company B instead.

Therefore, change the first value as shown in the screenshot below to Company B...

Now press the "copy this value to the entries below" button/icon as shown below...

As shown above, all the select entries now show the same bulk value across all the fields.

Press the "save" button.

All the selected rows will now be updated with your changes.

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