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Merging User Accounts Together

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Kahootz identifies each unique account on the system by one email address. You may find that you accidentally end up with two accounts if people invite you to different workspaces with different versions of your email address that end up in the same inbox (eg:, and even might be the same person and same inbox, but are all different to Kahootz).

If you find you have several accounts you can ask Kahootz Support to merge them.

We'll need you to raise a support ticket from each of the accounts to be merged as proof that you can access them all, and are the same person.

  1. Login to your Kahootz site using the address you want to KEEP.
  2. Click on "My Dashboard."
  3. In the "Help and Support" section click on "Contact Support Team."
  4. Raise a ticket about account merging, explaining what you want to happen.
  5. Note the ID of the ticket this creates.
  6. Login to your Kahootz site using the second address you want to be removed/merged in.
  7. Raise the second ticket about account merging, referring to the ID of the original ticket from point 5.
  8. Kahootz support will merge your accounts and let you know once completed.

Site Owners are also allowed to raise tickets asking for any two accounts to be merged, without needing specific tickets from those accounts to be raised, as they're responsible for all the site's data. If you have any issues raising your own tickets, you may want to request your site owner does this on your behalf - they may have other methods of checking you are the owner of both addresses.

Site Owners can also request merges of accounts belonging to different people if their job role has combined. (for example " has taken on the work of so please merge Tom's account into Harry's.)

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