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Being in Kahootz is not just about good collaboration software - it's about good collaboration knowledge too. We've had over a decade of experience in helping a wide variety of organisations to collaborate, and you get access to that through our market-leading support. We regularly hear from our customers about how pleased they are with our support speed and quality, and that's always been one of the factors in why they recommend Kahootz to others.

Kahootz has an extensive knowledgebase of articles on topics covering Kahootz functions, "how-to" guides and suggestions on ways to solve real business problems. You're already reading it!

All Kahootz users can access our support helpdesk and raise a question. You'll get an answer from our UK dedicated, highly rated based support team who have extensive experience of using collaboration for all sorts of projects.

The Kahootz helpdesk

Our support ticketing system helps us manage all incoming support requests and is the best way to get help. It can assign your request to the person most suited to help you, and ensure that you receive a response as fast as possible. If you reply and the person dealing with it is out of the office, another person can check on it, review what has gone before, and respond to your question quickly. You can always check back on your previous tickets, and progress of your current ones, online through the Kahootz user dashboard.

Behind the scenes, the ticketing system helps us collate what questions are coming through, so we know where to focus effort on common problems. It also allows us to measure how quickly we're responding to questions - we're proud of that speed, so we like to know just how responsive we are!

Is user support free?

Supports included as part of our Kahootz service, so you do not to budget for any additional costs. All of your users have access to our knowledgebase and support team who will be happy to answer any questions.

Helping us to help you

In your support ticket, please be clear and concise. It'll save time if you provide enough details to describe the situation you are asking about clearly.

FOR EXAMPLE: If your question is about a particular workspace, document or individual member, please include the details or links to them where possible. This saves time as we may need this information to answer your question, and without it we’ll have to come back to you for those details.

If you have a set of questions which are unrelated to each other, please submit multiple tickets so that we can assign each to the support specialist who can best assist you. Unless something is a continuation of an existing problem, please don't re-open a previous support ticket which unrelates to the issue.

Please set ticket priority honestly and reasonably. Just because a ticket has a low priority does not mean you will get a delayed response. We promise, no matter how important you mark the support request, we will respond as soon as we can. When you mark a ticket Urgent or Serious, we take it very seriously. An urgent priority setting should only be selected when something is affecting your entire site or a large number of your users. Please be aware that if you were to mark questions as urgent consistently, it would negatively impact overall response time. The default priority is "Request for Information", and the vast majority of tickets are just that.

Why we don't do phone and chat support

We have found that over time our ticketing system is the most efficient and best method of helping people, and superior to telephone queues and chat systems. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting in a telephone queue, only to get a simple canned answer from someone on the other end who hasn't had the time to check the history of your problem.

The ticketing system allows us to get the right person - not just the first available person - to help you. It will enable us to research your settings and any history before replying quickly and to prioritise our time for the benefit of all users - not just first-come-first-served.  

It's your data

What you share with your fellow users on Kahootz is your data, not ours. If possible, we'll answer your question without the need to look at your data, so that you're not exposing any personal or company information to us when you don't need to. However, if a problem does require us to look at a specific workspace or specific items in it, we can do so without needing you to share passwords or any security information. We will try to warn you if we need to look at data beforehand, time and urgency permitting.

What we can't do is change individual permissions as I'm afraid we have no idea if a user should be able to see a particular workspace or item. The support team will not change anybody's permissions or memberships - we'll just tell you who to contact (workspace manager or site owners) to help with those requests. We'll also try not to expose information that people can't already see - responding to someone asking about joining the "Who do we sack?" workspace by telling them to contact the manager does imply that such a workspace exists.

Helping you do it your way

Our customers are the reason we are here. They find that our reliable support approach provides a fantastic level of service to them, and it will happen to you too. We want you to appreciate not only our collaboration system but also our support team too.

If you need assistance with anything at any time, please open a support ticket. We're here to help.

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