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Kahootz Support Terms and Service Level Agreement (SLA) - Knowledgebase Articles / Support & Troubleshooting - Software Support

Kahootz Support Terms and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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1. Availability and Performance

The target service level is as follows:

  • The minimum availability for the service is 99.95% per month.

  • The minimum performance is for the server to process 99% of page requests within 1 second.

The minimum availability excludes up to 6 hours per quarter of scheduled downtime between 10pm and 6am on weekdays or between 7pm and 6am on weekends (UK time).

The minimum performance excludes bulk operations, reports, and pages that contain content from a third-party source.

To demonstrate we meet our SLA, we use an independent 3rd party service (Pingdom) to monitor the site and create a public availability records.

2. Support

Support is provided to any user of the service via online knowledgebase and a ticketing support portal. Every support request is acknowledged and assigned a unique case number that allows Kahootz support to prioritize and track it.

Support hours

User support requests can be sent on a 24/7 basis and they will be responded to when the support desk is manned.
The support desk is manned on weekdays from 08:30 to 17:30 (UK time), excluding United Kingdom public holidays.

Priority levels

When logging a Technical Support Request, you should indicate its priority with one of the following levels:



1 - Critical

The website is inaccessible to all users, or a critical software function cannot be performed by all users.

2 - Major

A major area of software functionality is not working correctly for many users and there is no convenient workaround.

3 - Minor

Several users are experiencing a software bug that is causing a minor loss of service. The problem is an inconvenience.

4 - Problem

All other bugs. The inconvenience is slight and can be tolerated.

5 - RFI

Request for information - You are requesting guidance or help with the software configuration or functionality.

6 - RFE

Request for enhancement - You are requesting a new or improved feature in our software.

The vast majority of questions fit into the Request for Information (5) category - help with the software - rather than any other.
Please note that the levels are based on the scope of the problems with the service, not just the importance of the problem to you.

Technical support response levels and times

Kahootz Technical Support responds to your problem as follows:

  • Acknowledgment – The support portal automatically acknowledges receipt of your support request and assigns it a case number.
    If Kahootz disagrees with or has questions about the priority level you have suggested, we will discuss with you what the appropriate priority level should be.

  • Response - Kahootz provides an initial response. This may include an answer, advice, workaround or full resolution of your problem.
    If Kahootz cannot reproduce or diagnose the problem, we may ask you for more information or suggest you do certain things to help us diagnose the problem.

  • Resolution – If your case has not been resolved already, Kahootz will resolve it fully.
    For priority 1 and 2 cases, this may involve a software patch, a new release of the software or revised documentation.
    If Kahootz cannot reproduce or diagnose the problem or you are not satisfied with the solution, the case may be further escalated.

The priority of a Technical Support Request determines our target response times (within the Support Hours) as follows:




1 - Critical

1 hour

4 hours. A software or hardware fix will be applied if necessary.

2 - Major

1 hour

1 day. A software or hardware fix will be applied if necessary.

3 - Minor

4 hours

2 days.

4 - Problem

1 day

Next release.

5 - RFI

1 day

Information provided.

6 - RFE

1 day

Request noted.

Support requests received outside the Support Hours are handled at the start of the following support day. Response times may vary due to circumstances out of our control.
Support for users with a paid subscription takes priority over users on free and trial services. Kahootz is under no obligation to meet the target response times for users of free and trial services.

3. Service Credits

Service credits are available to a site owner if the service availability within any calendar month falls below the target service level. The service credit is a percentage of that month’s service fee. For subscriptions that are not billed monthly, or change during the calendar month, the service fee is treated as the pro-rata monthly fee.


Service Credit

>99% and <99.5%


>=98% and <99%


>=97% and <98%




To receive service credits, a site owner must be up-to-date with their payment obligations and submit a request to within 30 days after the end of the month in which the service failed to meet its service level agreement.

Last updated 3rd July 2017

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