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Web pages

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Do you have a small bit of information that you need to share with your colleagues? Web pages are a good way of getting snippets of information into your workspace without people having to download it, (like an MS Word document for example.) Here are a few examples of what you can use web pages for:

  • A list of office addresses.
  • 5 steps on how to get into the office WiFi.
  • List of dates/milestones in your company for the next three years.
  • Map of the office and fire exits.

Web pages mean you have a place for things that don't fit in any other area, OR the information isn't big enough. This is ideal for short, quick bits of information and can be almost anything from images, to links, to tables or a bullet / numbered list.

Automatic linking between web pages - 'wiki' style

To make it easy to create wiki-style content, you can create links to other web pages by putting the name of the page inside double square brackets, eg. [[Company structure]], or [[Test Procedures]]. When you view the web page, the text in double square brackets will be shown as a link. When you click on those links, if a web page exists with that name then Kahootz will show that page, otherwise, it will let you create a new webpage for that link. This allows you to create linked web pages dynamically.

You can also use the [[pagename | link text]] format which lets you specify text for the link that is different from the page name. For example, [[contacts | list of company contacts for this project]] will show "list of company contacts for this project" as the link text and will link to a page called "contacts".

These double square bracket links also work for other item types in a workspace, so you can easily link to other items from your web page. To link directly back to the workspace homepage, use the special name of [[homepage]].


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