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What are database templates?

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When you create a database you can either create it from scratch or you can use a template. Using a template means you'll have some content, structure and permissions set up straight away. This will save time in setting up each database.

The database templates are:

Asset Manager - This template allows you to record information about assets and their location. A few examples of assets would be company phone, printer, computer etc.

Customer Relationship Manager - This is used to record key contact information about clients and/or customers and keep it all in one place!

Issues Register - This is a useful template to use when you need to log a company dispute or issue within the office, for example, no-one switched on the fire alarm last night.

Lessons Learnt Log - This template is used for recording what has been learnt during a project.

Organisation Contacts - This is used for recording the contact details of people within your organisation - this will help to keep contact details all in one place.

Risk Register – This template is used for recognising risks and includes a RAG traffic light rating.

SWOT - This template is used for the recording of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, perfect for health and safety. 

Templates are not set in stone, so if you do decide to use a template you can still add, remove and modify columns for what you need. 

There may be other templates that are specific to your site; if you have a database you'd like to turn into a template then please contact the support team.

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