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Accessing Kahootz on Mobile or Tablet Device

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We often get asked if there are mobile apps for accessing, and the simple answer is no – you don't need them. 

You can quite happily use Kahootz on any mobile device or tablet without the need for a special application.

There’s a wide variety of mobile platforms – Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and onwards, available with an even wider selection of screen sizes, resolutions and features. Developing and supporting a suite of Apps for all those platforms and models would be a never-ending job. Apps are nice if you need access to the heavy processing or hardware (GPS, Camera etc) on the phone, but a site like Kahootz doesn’t. We can achieve something far better by using the web browser already built into all modern mobile devices to function even better than a dedicated app.

So how do we do that?

 1. Be size-aware

The Kahootz system uses a web technology called “responsive design”. Put simply, that means that what is on the screen can change and react to the physical size of the screen available. This approach supports the screen width of any current device and is relatively future-proof against new devices. It also helps on your desktop, as we can adapt to the size of the browser window you want – two browser windows side-by-side to do a comparison – it’s good for that too!

 2. Be accessible

Kahootz has always been web accessible. That not only helps those with physical or sensory disabilities and difficulties, it also helps on mobile devices. For example, all of our forms allow you to click on the words associated with tick boxes or buttons, rather than just the small button itself.

 3. Be capable

One of the common flaws with mobile apps is that they often miss out on functionality available on the equivalent website, either from being cut down or from trailing behind the development. By providing the same website experience on mobile, we provide the same functionality.

 4. Be secure

We take security very seriously at Kahootz. Your data is the most important thing. One of the downsides of mobile apps that synchronize information onto the device is that the information can be lost or compromised if the device is lost or stolen. It's often not possible to put the same levels of security, encryption, and attack-prevention on data stored on your device that we have in Kahootz. By using the secure Kahootz website on your mobile device, and not storing anything on the device (unless explicitly downloaded), we keep your data secure.

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