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Collaborating Across Timezone

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Kahootz includes full support for international timezones. When you register with Kahootz you can pick your current timezone or "Personal timezone" - this can be changed via My Profile. This will control the display of all dates and times on the website - they'll be shown based on your timezone/position around the globe, taking into account local daylight savings time rules.

When Kahootz sends out emails to the workspace, times will be in the "Workspace timezone", because the same email is sent to all members, rather than personalised for each recipient. The workspace timezone is controlled by managers via the Configure Workspace cogwheel icon > Settings.


    • Tom creates an event in a calendar for 2pm, in his timezone - London / GMT.
    • His colleague Vicky is in New York, on US Eastern Time (GMT -5) - so in her view, she'll see the event starting at 9am.
    • Another colleague Harry is in Perth, Australia (GMT +8), so he'll see the event as starting at his 10pm.
    • Any email notifications that the three received will show 2pm GMT - the timezone of the workspace.
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