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Managing what I need to do today?

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Kahootz aims to make your life simpler by allowing you to manage your workload in one place. Features such as My Recent Activity and My Tasks help you to do this.

Recent Activity is a feature of Kahootz that lists recent activity (creation, modification, comments etc) and is found in three places on your site.

  1. On your User Dashboard, you can have a My Recent Activity item. You can choose whether to see recent activity on all items or just selected items and whether it covers all workspaces or just one workspace. Not only will you know what you need to do but also what has been happening around your workspaces.
  2. Managers can add a Recent Activity dashboard items to the workspace homepage, promoting any recent activity.
  3. Every workspace has a Recent Activity page that shows all recent activity within the workspace - fantastic when you have been on holiday for a week and need to catch up. This is linked from the Workspace menu
You can have several Recent Activity items on your user dashboard showing different things. Why not have one for each of your most important workspaces to help separate their activity.


You can use tasks as a way of keeping track of what needs doing and when by. 

  1. My tasks on your User Dashboard will provide you with a list of your tasks. You can choose how you want to filter them; by priority or due date. There's also a special My Document Reviews dashboard item for those types of tasks only.
  2. My tasks in the top right-hand corner of the page will provide you with a full page of tasks either assigned to you or created by you. Again, you can decide on how you want to filter them; by priority or due date.

  3. Tasks in the workspace menu let you see a list of tasks for the entire workspace - not all will be yours but this could come in handy if you need to keep an eye on what others are doing too. 

Remember, you can access this from anywhere - Kahootz is fully functional on all mobile, laptop and tablet devices. To find out more about this, take a look at Access on mobile.

To avoid looking through multiple calendars for your events and meetings, the My Calendar page, linked in the left-hand menu of My Dashboard, will combine together all the events from all of your workspaces into one single calendar view.


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