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Getting started with tasks

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Tasks are one of the many features of Kahootz, allowing you to store and monitor what needs to be done within your workspace. A few examples are:

  • List of jobs that need to be done before an event.
  • Actions from a meeting - assigned to specific people.
  • Recurring tasks - payroll etc.
  • Document approval lists.

You can either use tasks simply as a to-do list, for basic tasks that purely need ticking off or use the more detailed features to assign a task to an individual or set of people, giving them priorities, adding comments, etc. You will receive automatic "due soon" and "overdue" emails to help you keep on track with what you need to do. 

In regards to notification reminders, tasks notify the user at the following intervals.

  1. Notification & email is sent to the user when the task has been created/assigned to you.
  2. Notification & email reminder is sent 7 days prior to the completion date.
  3. Notification & email is sent when the task turns into an overdue state.

Tasks in Kahootz can either exist in a Task list or associated with workspace items like documents. For more information see How do tasks work?

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