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Account Membership Roles Types within Kahootz

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Below is a detailed list of all the different types of membership access you can assign to users within your Kahootz site.

Tip: We recommend having at least 2 Site Owners to prevent any issues if one of them is away or leaves the company.


A user who can access Workspaces that hasn't been invited nor registered
(Note: The Workspace has to be configured publically available for this option) otherwise, the user will get access denied.

Member / User

A user who has been invited & registered to a Workspace, allowing them to gain access to contents within their set permissions.

Workspace Manager

A user who's already registered and been given higher privileges, who takes ownership of a workspace and manages all aspects.
(registrations, contents, users & permissions) including any internal training and your company's best practice.

System Admin

A user with full access and control of the site.

Site Owner

A user with full access and control of the site along with having financial responsibility for the invoicing, PO's, licencing Issues etc.
(Note: Site owners are also the voice of authority of which they'll provide written approval to support requests when required)

> Please read the detailed descriptions above carefully to assign the correct permissions to your users.
Note: the support team will defer any permissions questions to the workspace manager or site owner.

You can have as many site owners as required - to promote existing users to site owners.

  1. Click on your "Name" at the top right corner of the page to open your Account menu.

  2. Select “Site Admin” from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click “Users” from the left-hand side.

  4. Find and “Modify” their permissions.

  5. Tick the “Site Owner” checkbox.

  6. Press save.

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