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Archiving can mean different things to different people, so this article covers several different methods available in Kahootz.

Document control

Remember that Kahootz includes Automatic Document version control so you don't have to worry about finding ways to keep copies of old documents in a folder - previous versions of a document will be shown as older versions in Kahootz.

Old content within a workspace

If there are individual parts of your workspace that are out of date or become less relevant, then you could create a folder called 'Archive' and move them into there.

This folder can also be made to be read-only - so that no further changes can be made but the documents are there for future reference.

Kahootz Tip: when you modify the permissions on the folder you can choose to copy those permissions on all the items beneath that folder in one go!

Archiving a whole workspace

If you are a workspace manager you can make the workspace read-only by going to the Configure Workspace cogwheel icon and choose Settings.

Within the Workspace Settings section, click Read-only.

Taking data off Kahootz

In Kahootz, workspace managers can download the content of the workspace, or Kahootz support can run a data extraction service. For more information, see Exporting your data.

If you have taken your data off Kahootz and want to delete the workspace, then managers can do that via Workspace Settings > Delete - see Deleting a workspace

But, do you need to remove things? Remember, storage on Kahootz is inexpensive and safe; and you can have as many workspaces as you like!

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