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Exporting your Data / Off-Boarding

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In Kahootz, workspace managers can download their workspace content in a variety of formats at any time using the following methods:

  • Document Folders can be exported to a ZIP file via the Actions Menu. (Note, this only includes the latest version of each document and not other items in those folders).

  • Databases, Structured Document, Comments and Survey Results can be exported to CSV, Microsoft Excel or saved as reports.

  • Structured Documents can be exported to Microsoft Word.

For more complicated exercises or larger amounts of data, a data extraction service is available on request at any time during the subscription period and for a period of up to one month after the expiry of the subscription period.

All the data that the service holds for a consumer will be exported as follows:

  • All items within the workspace will be exported as JSON-structured data file(s).

  • Documents and pictures will be exported in their original format, and referenced within the JSON files.

  • A series of HTML pages will be generated in each folder listing the contents of that folder and linking to the downloaded original files and JSON files to help navigation through the information.

Data exports of up to 1GB can be supplied as a download; larger-size exports may be supplied via USB.

Depending on the size of your data, we may charge a fee to cover the time and materials required to export larger volumes.

All data export requests from our system require 5-7 business working days to action from the point of us receiving payment.

We can also design and develop a data-extraction process that exports data to meet specific requirements, or to assist in the import of data into another service. Please contact support for more information.

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