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Creating a Report - Total Workspace Items (Docs, Databases etc.) - Knowledgebase Articles / Managers & Site Owners / Reports - Software Support

Creating a Report - Total Workspace Items (Docs, Databases etc.)

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You can run a report to show "how many files of the same type" are within any workspace - eg: How many documents are there in total.

Please see the full list below of all workspace item types you can filter on - eg: How many databases are there in total.

Simply create the report based upon a selection below:

Follow these steps below to create the report - (this example is based on "how many documents in total" within your workspace)

1. Click > Create Report.

2. Provide it with a Name.

3. Select "Workspace Content" as your Data Type to Report on.

4. Click > Next.

5. Add the following Attributes > Item Name, Created by User Name. (you may wish to add more if required)

6. Click Next.

7. Apply a filter by clicking > Add a new Condition and select "Type" from the (filter based on) drop-down menu.

Select "Document" from the list and click Save - it will look like below.

7. Click > Next.

8. Data Ordering > Select "Item Name" from (sort by 1) - ascending.

8. Click > Next.

9. Click > Run Report.

Additional Information.

If you require running the report in different formats, open the report and change the file type required and then Run the Report.

  • Web Browser
  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • CSV
  • XML

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