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Direct "View/Edit" for Documents via Microsoft 365 Online

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Our integration with Office 365 lets you view and edit the following Microsoft Office file types within your browser:

  • Microsoft Word / Microsoft Excel / Microsoft PowerPoint

When accessed via a Kahootz workspace, these file types will show the following.

Open in … Word / Excel / PowerPoint with options to edit or view next to them. 

As shown above, this button will provide you with options to either Edit or View in the browser (via the Web) or Edit or View on the desktop. 

Tip:  To view or edit on the web you need an Office 365 subscription. To view or edit on your desktop computer you need to have Microsoft Office installed.

For Microsoft 365 Office Online, you’ll also need to enable/provide each of your user’s with the “Office for the Web” app/license under their 365 account.

If you are not already logged in you will be asked to log in.

Tip: It's OK if your Office 365 email address is different to your Kahootz login email address.

With this additional capability, Kahootz documents are always available for multi-user editing as the default, subject to Kahootz file permissions. Should the file you have selected already be open for editing by one-or-more other team members then the Kahootz menu will automatically provide an option to join that co-authoring session:

Once you have accessed your document for editing via Microsoft Office 365 you are presented with all the word processing tools that you will be familiar with. If other Kahootz users are also editing your document, at the same time as you, you will be able to see their edits and comment's as they are made.

Unlike our “Edit on the desktop” option, “Edit in browser” changes are saved automatically. To return to your Kahootz workspace you should use the “Exit” option that you will find in the Microsoft O365 application “File” pull-down menu. 

When you exit your O365 session a new version of you document is created and stored in Kahootz.  Please note, you may see a “pending” status until the Microsoft Office 365 servers send the updated file back to Kahootz.

Tip: The custodianship of documents sent to Microsoft for editing and viewing via your Office 365 account is beyond the control of our Kahootz collaboration service.

If you're a Kahootz Site Owner and would like to enable the Office 365 Online functionality for your site. 

Click "Account > Site Admin > Settings" and tick the check box "Enable Office Online Features" as shown below.

Press "Save" and the functionality will now be available across your Kahootz site.

Still having problems? Try our checklist:

  1. I can’t see the "Edit/View in browser" options.
     Please contact your Kahootz Site Owner to check whether this capability is enabled for your Kahootz collaboration site.

  2. The "Edit/View in browser" options are greyed out.
    Check the size of your file doesn't exceed the limit as you cannot view or edit via the web if it exceeds the maximum file size.
    You can check this by clicking on the "Open in Excel/Word" button and hovering your mouse over the greyed out options.

  3. I can't see the "Edit in browser" option but I can see the "View in browser" option.
    If a Word document was created with an old version of Word (97 to 2003) it isn't possible to edit that document using Word for the Web, and as a result, only the View in Word for the Web and Edit/View in Word for the desktop options will appear in the dropdown. To resolve this and be able to edit the file via Kahootz, you'll first need to open the document in Word, save it as a .docx and then re-upload it to the workspace.

  4. I don’t see “Edit in browser” or ”Edit on the desktop” options.
    It is likely you don’t have permission to edit that particular file.

  5. I get a Microsoft error message when I try clicking on the “Edit in browser" option.
     It’s possible the file you are trying to edit is locked.

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