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Getting started with structured documents

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Structured documents are an easy-to-use and flexible way for workspace members to read, comment on and collaboratively edit large documents - all from within your web browser.  

The easiest way to describe their benefits is to compare them to uploading a simple Microsoft Word document to your Kahootz workspace:

  • With a Word file, people have to download the document to read it, relying on Word compatible software on their device (think of mobile users).
  • As it's a single file, only one person can edit it at a time, and they have to have suitable software installed (think mobile again).
  • Any actions you take on the document, or feedback you capture, can only be linked to the document as a whole, not individual parts.

With a structured document, however:

  • The content is presented as a sequence of web pages within your Kahootz workspace - meaning it can be viewed in any web browser, on any platform.
  • All editing is online, meaning it can be done from any place.
  • Kahootz can also track which part of the document you are changing, meaning we can allow different people to change different parts of the document simultaneously and also automatically use locks to stop people trying to change the same part.
  • Structured documents also support feedback by optionally capturing comments within the text of the document, giving comments their full context, or by integrating Kahootz surveys within the document too.
  • As changes are made to each part of the document, Kahootz keeps track of them. You can see the changes made, with automatic highlighting and explanations, on either a whole document or part-by-part basis.

Structured documents are a great way of working on a document together with your team, presenting and managing large documentation projects, or managing detailed feedback on plans or proposals.

Additional features for Enterprise users

Enterprise users have access to two extra features on structured documents:

  1. Workflow - allows you to assign one or more editors and one or more approvers to each part of your structured document. You can also set optional editing / approving deadlines.

    Why? Access control - for example Tom and Viccy are editing this part and no-one else is allowed to. Tracking - looking at the overall document and see how each section is doing. For example, these five parts are finished, Harry is still editing this part etc. Also formalising approval if you want - we have written our document but we need the MD or a committee to approve each part.

  2. PDF production - allows you to export your structured document as a print ready PDF. 

    How? Kahootz allows you to set up document styles, font styles, sizes, padding, page headers and footers, cover pages, page numbering, cross references, automatic tables of content, professional printing crop marks, and much more. You can set up print templates and re-use them throughout your site.
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