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Setting permissions

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View and Modify Permissions

Every item within Kahootz have View and Modify permissions, found in the Permissions section of its create and modify pages.

  • View controls who can see the item. E.g. Browse through folders, but also follow direct links to it in emails and elsewhere, see it in lists like What's New, and find it through searches.
  • Modify controls who can change and delete the item. 

There are three options which you can set those permissions to:

  • Registered Users allows any registered user of your Kahootz site to see the item. This only shows if the workspace is visible to registered users - it's omitted in private workspaces.
  • Members mean all workspace members have that permission. 
  • Managers mean that only workspace managers have that permission.

If the workspace manager has set up any teams, you can use those to assign more detailed permissions.  Please see Teams for more information. 

Additional Permissions

Some items also have additional permissions that are specific to the item: 

Folders See Setting permissions on folders.
Documents No additional permissions.
Surveys See Setting permissions on surveys.
Database See Setting permissions on databases.
Calendar Extra permissions on who can modify the calendar and who can add/modify events.
Task list No additional permissions.
Picture album Extra permissions on who can add pictures.
Forums See Setting permissions on forums.
Structured documents Extra permissions on who can make and view comments.
Blog Extra permissions on who can add and modify events.



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