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Getting started with picture albums

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Picture Albums let you upload, arrange and share pictures and images, and view them in different styles and layouts. You can use this for stock images for marketing, pictures of products, screen shots, or even pictures of your last staff party.

To create an album:

  1. Under the Actions menu, click Create a new item.
  2. Select Picture Album.

An album is created with a name and description. You can also specify who is allowed to add pictures to this album.


When you add a picture you first select an image file from your computer. You can select a number of files to be uploaded in one go. You can upload the following image file types - JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP. EPS and PDF. Click on the Upload button and after the files have been uploaded you can check the image preview and enter a name and description for each one. By default, the picture name is the file name without any file type suffix.

Alternatively, you can upload a zip file containing multiple pictures and the system will automatically unzip them and extract the individual pictures.


Once pictures have been added, they can also be scaled down to size if they are too large to view on screen, and they may also be rotated if they are not the right way up to start with.

Pictures in albums can be viewed as thumbnails or if you click on the picture you'll see a full-size image. Pictures can also be moved between albums (use the Modify pictures in this album action). By default, pictures are ordered with most recent first, but you can manually order the pictures with the Reorder the pictures in this album action

You can download all pictures in an album as a single zip file from the Download all pictures in this album action.

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