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Adding content to your workspace

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Kahootz allows you to create a variety of different items within your workspace to organise and present information.

To create items, you go to a folder in your workspace and click "Create a new item" from the Actions menu at the bottom of the page.  
That link is only visible if you have permission to create items.

The table below lists all the different item types and explains each one.

FolderFolders allow you to organise and structure the information in your workspace. For more information, see Folders.
DocumentA document is a file, i.e. Word, PDF or an Excel spreadsheet. For more information, see What are documents?
SurveyYou can use a survey to ask the workspace members specific questions.  As people respond, the results are automatically gathered and displayed. For more information, see How do I create a survey?
DatabaseYou can choose the fields and data types, and add, sort and search the entries to store user-defined structured information. For more information, see Getting Started with Databases.
CalendarYou can add events that have agendas, outcome and actions viewable by month, week and list views.  For more information, see Creating a calendar.
ForumA forum is a collection of related discussions. For more information, see Introduction to Forums.
Task ListA collection of related tasks. For more information, see Tasks.
Picture AlbumYou can use this to store photographs or images for stock items, marketing, pictures of products, screenshots, or even photos of your last staff party. For more information, see Picture Albums.
Structured DocumentA structured document allows members to prepare, create and review collaboratively. For more information, see What are Structured Documents?
BlogA blog is a series of dated articles on a topic. For more information, see Create a blog.
Web PageAllows you to create a formatted text page, including images and links to workspace items and external websites. You can enter any information you like and format it with lists, tables and pictures. For more information, see our Web page.
Web LinkA web link is a shortcut to a website or an individual item in the workspace.  Kahootz automatically creates a thumbnail of the page.  For more information, see Web Links.
Kahootz Tip: Every time you create a new item you can choose the permissions, who can see it and who can edit it. 
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