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Getting started with forums

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Forums let you have discussions with other members of your workspace.  Members can post messages in a forum which are then sent via email to other members.  Those who receive the email can either reply to it or respond online in the forum.  Forums are a fantastic way to get conversations and debates going in your workspace and allow members to discuss their work.

To create a forum:

  1. Under the Actions Menu, click Create a new item.
  2. Choose to add a Forum.
  3. Add a Name and Description.
  4. Decide on your Permissions.
  5. Do you want to send out a notification to your users that the forum is open? Perhaps suggest what it is to be used for.
  6. Click Save.

A workspace may have more than one forum in order to group related discussions together.

For more information on permissions on forums, see Setting permissions on forums.

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