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How-To Move Discussions / Posts from one Forum to another

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Sometimes your users will create a discussion or leave a comment in the wrong place. Or you might want to reorganise your forums by merging some of them together.

In Kahootz, it's possible to move, merge or split whole forum discussions and individual posts/messages/replies.


To move a discussion to another forum:

  1. Click on the discussion in the forum-list view to get to the 'View Discussion' page
  2. Click on the 'edit' icon for the first post in the discussion.  
  3. On the 'Modify Message' page, you can pick another forum in the 'Move to' dropdown.  
Note: You must have another forum in your workspace in order to complete the move.


To merge discussions:

  1. Repeat the above steps until you get to the 'Modify Message' page.
  2. Use the 'Merge Discussions' option on that page to select another discussion to merge the current one into.


To split discussions:

  1. Edit a reply (NOT the first post in the discussion)
  2. On the 'Modify Message' page, you'll see a 'Split Discussion' option, allowing you to start a new discussion with the current post as the first one.
Kahootz Tip: If there are replies to a thread, make sure you go to the top-level response where the replies branch off from.

Detailed step-by-step instructions

  1. Browse to the message/thread that you wish to move, merge or split
  2. Click 'edit' and enable the slider for 'split discussion'


3. Click 'save' to create a new discussion within the forum area.

4. Go into that new discussion created and select 'edit' on the top-level message (all of the replies should be underneath.)

5. You can either 'move' it to a different forum discussion within the workspace:


or 'merge' it with an existing forum discussion.


6. Press 'select' and it will show all the discussions in the current forum.


7. If you have a specific thread within a discussion, click 'list messages' shown above and select the appropriate thread.


8. Click 'save.'

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