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Maximum Attachment Size via Forums

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Uploading attachments

The maximum individual attachment size that you can upload to a forum discussion is limited to 1MB.

If you're presented with the screen below, you're using our "Accessible Uploader" instead.


Remember, you can upload more than one document at once.

Kahootz Tip: When uploading very large files, remember the upload will only go as fast as the slowest point on the network between your computer and the Kahootz servers. That's often your own connection up to the internet, particularly if shared with other users at your location.

Downloading files

When downloading, the file size is not limited to how many documents you have, but the .zip file it will generate in the background.

When you click "Download all Documents" it requests that the server generates the file in the background and for several reasons, we have to limit that job.

If your .zip file is smaller then it will run, otherwise, you'll be presented with an error message advising you have exceeded the size limit.

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