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Using the rich text editor

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Rich text editing is used in many places throughout Kahootz to go beyond simple text by giving you the ability to alter styling and including pictures, links, graphics and other non-text components. You can customise any item's page for example - which is handy if you need to add extra instructions or information or clarify its purpose to other members.

Most of the formatting and styling features in the editor are self-explanatory, but here are a few of the extra features unique to Kahootz which we think you will find most useful.

“@mention” other users in comments and discussions

Like many social networks, you can 'mention' people to bring them into your conversation, so they can give guidance on a particular topic or be aware of something that affects them - please refer to article {Notify other users within Kahootz "@mention" function} for more details.


Link to other items within a workspace

You can link to an item within your workspace using the editor – that allows you to refer to other items within Kahootz.
For example in comments, or to link between items in customised panels on each page, or put a "Quick Links" set of convenient links on a dashboard.
Please refer to article {Links to other items within a Workspace} for more details


Include pictures and graphics

To insert an image:

  1. In the rich text editor, click the Insert/Edit a Workspace Picture button
  2. Click on Choose a File and select the image from your device
  3. Click Upload Picture
  4. You can change the name (displayed as an alternative to people who can't see the image)
  5. If you want to change the image, manually input the Width and Height or Drag the Slider and rotate it if necessary.
  6. You can also Crop the image if needed (click the button, then a draggable rectangle will appear).
  7. Ticking the Include a Pop Up Link box will mean that clicking the image gives you a full-size version in a popup – useful for diagrams and maps.
  8. When ready simply click Insert Picture

To re-use an image within your workspace, choose the View Existing Pictures tab at step 2

Pictures are inserted on their own line by default. If you want the text to wrap around the picture, click to select it, then click the Insert/Edit a Workspace Picture button again and you'll get a new popup with alignment options - left and right will let the text flow around the image.

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