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Notify other users within Kahootz "@mention" function

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Like many social networks, you can 'mention' people in comments, discussions, surveys etc. to easily bring them into your conversation.

This makes them aware of something that may affect them but also gives guidance on a particular topic or project.

How-To @mention a User:

  1. When commenting on an item, or replying to a discussion forum, you'll see a special version of the rich text editor.
  2. You can either type "@" or click the @mention icon shown below, a drop-down list of all workspace members will appear.
  3. Either click on the person's name or keep typing to narrow down the names in the list before picking.
    Kahootz Tip: If you have many users in that workspace with the same first name, we recommend to start typing their surname.
  4. To mention several people in one message, just click the @ button again and select another name.
    Kahootz Tip: If all those several people are in the same team, then why not just select the team to save time adding each user.
  5. Continue typing the rest of your message, and when finished click the Add Comment or Add Reply button.

Any users that are mentioned will receive special notification, and they'll also be subscribed to changes on that item/discussion thread.
(notifications may also come out via email depending on their preferences. (See ‘How Notifications Work’) 

Kahootz Tip: The @mention list will only show 10 names per the drop-down menu to prevent a long list appearing.
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