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What can be customised?

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Throughout Kahootz there are a variety of things that can be customised:

Why is Customising a Good Thing?

Customising is a fantastic way of making something yours! At Kahootz we believe one size does not fit all - you will have your own project and own aims. Kahootz lets you change the way you see things within your workspace, by changing folder structure and the information on the pages.

Folder structure customisation allows you to navigate and layout what you need in your own way, so your members know where the stuff is likely to be.

In Kahootz, the permissions, notifications, page and folder customizations and dashboards allow you to make your workspace your own; engaging your users in the best way possible and getting them to use the workspace efficiently and effectively

Customising Makes Kahootz Special!

The layout and structure in Kahootz can be customised, meaning the space created is project and team specific. There are four key ways this can be done:

  1. Folder hierarchy
  2. Dashboard customisation
  3. Customise the top of the page
  4. Build your own databases and questionnaires

Folder hierarchy

Rather than having a fixed layout, Kahootz allows you to create your own folders and structure in a workspace, meaning you can organise your information based onyourproject and not onoursoftware. That means each workspace should be simple to understand and navigate for your members. If you have a folder called "Delivery" containing a folder called "Meeting Minutes" it should be obvious what it contains.

The ability to name items gives them a clear purpose within your project; Naming a calendar "Internal Meetings" shows its function, opposed to being generically called "Calendar".

Dashboard customisation 

Workspace managers have the ability to use the dashboard on theworkspace home, which can be customised to show what’s new, calendars, RSS feeds, images and videos etc. This allows you to highlight things that are relevant for your workspace, make it more lively and sociable, and give it purpose. You can also put dashboard items on any folder in your workspace.Read more about configuring dashboards.

Customise the top of the page 

You can add a customised panel at the top of any item in Kahootz to add more description, providing other users with more of an insight on what it is for, where the information comes from, and how to use it. Writing just one or two sentences means that the page becomes purposed and also promotes activity on the site.


  • If you have a calendar used for room bookings, a customised panel lets you put in any extra information you think might be important - who's in charge of the room, how many it can fit and what facilities are included.
  • On a database, you could explain the source of the information or the procedure for adding new entries.
  • If you have a 'Standard Processes' folder you could explain a procedure for adding new processes - giving your team a simple workflow!

If you're looking at the Workspace Homepage or a folder within Kahootz, remember that you can also provide customised live content via dashboards.

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