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Workspace Custom Left Navigation Side Menu

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Workspace managers can configure their side-menu that’s shown on the left of the page.

To do this, go to the "Manage Navigation" tab by clicking on the "Manage Workspace" icon followed by settings.

As shown above, there are three options available:

  • Workspace Contents
  • Always Hide
  • Custom

Workspace Contents

This option is the default and shows the workspace content hierarchy in the side-menu.   This option requires no maintenance because items are automatically shown on the menu when they are created.  Items are only shown to people that have permission to view them.

Always Hide

This option removes the side-menu entirely and the main content area expands to the full width of the page.  Before selecting this option you should make sure you've have added navigation links within your pages to help people find your workspace content.


This option lets you decide which items are shown in the side-menu. You can add items individually using the "Add an item" button or add multiple items using the "Add multiple items" button.

This requires some maintenance because items are not automatically added to the side-menu when they are created.  Again, items are only shown to people that have permission to view them.

An item in a custom menu can link to:

  • A workspace item
    You can link to any item within your workspace content.  
    By default, the item name is used as the menu label and will be updated if the item name changes.
    If you untick the "Use the Item Name as the Menu Label", you can specify a different label.
  • A specific web address
    You can link to any web address
  • None
    This is used to add a label that does not link to any item

You can indent items in your custom menu to group related items together.

With links to “A workspace item” or “A specific web address”, you can choose to open the link in a new window.

When you click save the on the "Manage Navigation" page, any items that do not have a label are removed.

Kahootz Tip: As the Custom side-menu option does not update automatically as new content is created, you may find it useful to add a Recent Items Dashboard Widget to any workspace folders you reference from your Custom side-menu. For more detailed information on Dashboards & Widgets, review these KB articles.
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