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Links to other items within a Workspace

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You can link to an item within your workspace using the editor – that allows you to refer to other items within Kahootz.
For example in comments, or to link between items in customised panels on each page, or put a "Quick Links" set of convenient links on a dashboard.


To link to another item within a workspace:

  1. In the rich text editor, click the Insert a Link to a Workspace Item button 
  2. Under the View tab, click the Link button that is to the left of the item that you wish to add
  3. Alternatively, click on an item listed under Name to navigate further (eg: into a folder, or into a calendar to get a specific event, into a blog to get an article etc) before clicking the Link
  4. Click Save or Add Comment button to confirm

If you directly add the link like this, the editor will add the items name and a link around that. If you want to link your own text, type the text first, highlight it, and then click the link button, and the link will be added around your own words.

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