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How-To Enable Google Analytics on Your Site

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3rd Party: The Google Analytics software in this guidance may differ if Google has updated their product since Kahootz last updated this article. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any changes on their website and we request you contact the support team to advise them accordingly.  

If you find the steps below cannot be followed, please contact our support team as they'll be able to assist you and update the article if required.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that generates detailed website activity across all of your workspaces.

Tip: This feature is only available to Kahootz Enterprise clients & requires Site Owners written approval.

It helps you to analyse visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience, wherever they are.

Google Analytics records statistics such as:

  • 1 - Audience Location.

  • 2 - Audience Engagement.

  • 3 - Mobile Traffic Behaviour.

  • 4 - Traffic Sources.

  • 5 - Social Media Traffic.

  • 6 - Site Content Trends.

  • 7 - Page Bounce Rates.

  • 8 - Site Search Behaviour.

  • 9 - Events.

  • 10 - Funnel Visualization.

For more detailed information, visit:

Tip: Google Analytics will not display or give access to any data/content stored within your Kahootz site.

Enabling Google Analytics on your Kahootz site

To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Create or Log into your Google Analytics account via

  2. Click  Admin > Create Account.

  3. Provide an Account Name and click the “next” button.

  4. Provide Property details, name, time zone and currency.

  5. Click the “next” button and enter your Business information.

  6. Accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement.

  7. You’ll now be presented with the “Data Streams” page.
    If not, you can select this from the left-hand side menu.

  8. Select “Web” from the available options.
    You may have to click the “Add Stream” button.

  9. Enter your website and stream name.

  10. Click on the “Create Steam” button.

  11. Click on the “View Tag Instructions” button.

  12. Select the “Install Manually” option.

  13. You’ll be presented with the following Google Tag details...

Please “copy and paste” all the displayed information and provide it to Kahootz support.

The support team will now apply your Google Analytics Tag details to your Kahootz site.

Tip: After the support team applies it to your site, it’ll take between 24/48hrs before any data/traffic is sent.


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