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How-To Make someone a Workspace Manager - Knowledgebase Articles / How-To - Software Support

How-To Make someone a Workspace Manager

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If you would like another user to help manage your workspace, it's possible to make them a manager.

Tip: You need to be a manager of the workspace in order to assign this permission.

To make an existing user a manager:

  1. Go to the Workspace.
  2. Click the "Manage Workspace" cogwheel icon and select the "Members & Teams" option.
  3. Find the member you want to make a manager by searching or scrolling through the list.
  4. Click the pencil "Modify" icon\button next to the user's name.
  5. Tick the checkbox for (This User is a Workspace Manager).

    You then must confirm your action by ticking the "confirmation" checkbox.
  6. Click "Save."

To invite a new person and make them a manager, look at How-To Invite Users

Tip: Remember, managers have complete control of your workspace.
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