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How-To Invite Users (Site Owner, Manager & Member) - Knowledgebase Articles / How-To - Software Support

How-To Invite Users (Site Owner, Manager & Member)

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You can invite users into Kahootz whether you're a Site Owner, Workspace Manager or Member.

However, there are two ways of inviting people into Kahootz, depending on your permissions.

To invite one or multiple users, open a workspace and then follow these steps.

Option 1

  1.  Open the "Group Menu" in the top right corner.
  2.  From the dropdown, select "Invite People."

Option 2

  1. Click on the "Cog Wheels" icon in the top right corner.
  2.  From the dropdown, select "Members."
  3.  Click the "Plus" icon in the top right corner, or click on "Invite People" in the "Actions Menu."

Site Owners will see the following options 

Workspace Managers will see these options

Members will only have the necessary options

4. Enter one or multiple email addresses, pick members from your other workspaces or find users based on their profile.

5. Add the users to a team or make them a workspace manager.

6. Click "Invite."

Kahootz Tip: You can't re-invite people within 1 hour of inviting them.

No user licenses remaining?

If you're a Site owner (or on a Kahootz Trial), you can access an online quotation calculator that will give you prices for any number of users. 

Login to your Kahootz site and click on "Account > Site Admin" and look at the "License Costs" page. For more information, see How is my license fee calculated?


If you've invited a user and then try doing it again using the same email address, you'll get an error as only 1 of the same address is allowed per workspace.

If a user already exists and they register a profile with a different email address, they may wish to use the second email address on their existing profile.

If you're a workspace manager or site owner, you can delete their account which will remove the email address from the system. The user can then edit their login details under "Account > Profile > Update Profile Information".

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