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How Does My Kahootz License Work

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How does licensing work?

Two factors influence what you pay:

  1. The number of users on your site (a user is defined as an individual email address).

  2. The amount of storage allowed for your site.

Site owners (and people on a Kahootz Trial) can access an online quotation calculator.
That will provide you with prices for any number of users and the total amount of storage.
To access this, login to your Kahootz site and click on Account > Site Admin > License Costs

If we start with a small number of users can we expand as we go?

Yes, this is one of the key benefits of a pay-as-you-go service - order only what you need, when you need it.

Above our basic minimum terms, we will never force you to buy user licenses or storage you don't need.

Tip: Remember, the more people in Kahootz, the less you pay per user.

How much storage do I get, and can I get more?

Your minimum storage allocation will depend on which Kahootz license you're using:

  • Starter - 10 GB total storage
  • Professional - 0.5 GB per user
  • Enterprise - 1 GB per user

We allocate storage as a total, so it can be used by any user in any workspace.
So buying 50 Kahootz Enterprise user licenses would mean 50GB of storage can be used by ANY user across your whole site.

Additional storage can also be ordered if you need it. Site owners can review usage, calculate additional costs and add more storage through the Site Admin page. 

How do I order more Kahootz licenses?

Kahootz licensing is designed to ensure you only pay for what you use.
You can order exactly how many users you require when you need them. 

On the License Costs page, you can renew or add more user licenses using our online calculator.
You can message us which will be emailed to our sales team, who will pass it on to your account manager.

An example of how the calculator works is as follows:

Harry sets up a Kahootz Professional site for 50 users starting on 1st March. He pays the annual £3990 cost, giving him those 50 users for the year until the end of next February. Four months on, in June, he finds he needs to expand up to 60 users. He'll need those until the end of his existing term in February, so that's for 8 months. Upgrades are based on the difference in the monthly price, so the online calculator will show him the monthly cost for his existing 50 users (£399/month) and the new 60 users (£441). That's a price difference of £441 - £399 = £42/month. The calculator will multiply by his number of months - 8 - and that gives him an upgrade cost of £336.

How do I close a Kahootz site?

If you have taken part in a free trial you don't need to do anything - your account will be permanently deleted after 30 days unless you have instructed otherwise.

To cancel your Kahootz contract, you need to give us 5 working days notice via a Support ticket from a site owner.

Can I resell Kahootz?

Our Terms and Conditions specify this is not allowed without our explicit consent unless you are a part of our Partnership scheme.

Kahootz Enterprise

Kahootz is available in three editions — Starter, Professional and Enterprise.

Our Starter edition is designed for small teams who need to start collaborating as soon as possible.

Our Professional Edition is perfect for projects that are predicted to grow rapidly, as the user license costs drop as more are added.

Our Enterprise Edition is designed for organisations requiring advanced configuration. It gives you the opportunity to integrate Kahootz fully into your existing systems via our API, apply corporate branding,  use advanced system customisation and much more.

If you’re unsure which edition is right for you, contact us for advice.

Active user licensing

If you commit to 1,000 users or more, Kahootz Enterprise clients can take advantage of our Active User licensing.
This means you can have an unlimited number of registered users, but only pay for the ones that use Kahootz each month, (above your agreed threshold.)
There’s no need to predict how many users you will need – you’re only paying for actual usage.

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