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All About Your Kahootz License Costs

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Where can I view my license details?

Only site owners can access your site license details via Account > Site Admin > License Costs. 

How is my license fee calculated? How much will it cost as others get into Kahootz with me?

Two factors influence what you pay:

  1. The number of users on your site (a user is defined as an individual email address).

  2. The amount of storage allowed for your site.

Tip: Users can be members to multiple workspaces, it doesn't affect the price!

Site owners (and people on a Kahootz Trial) can access an online quotation calculator.
That will provide you with prices for any number of users and the total amount of storage.
To access this, login to your Kahootz site and click on Account > Site Admin > License Costs

Tip: Remember, the more people in Kahootz, the less you pay per user.

How do I order more Kahootz Licenses?

You can also renew or add more user licenses on the License Costs page.

Press the “generate quote” button, and you’ll be shown your quote.

If you wish to proceed or have questions about your quote, please contact us using the button above.

Your message will be emailed to our sales team, who will pass it on to your account manager.

Tip: We don't force you to buy bundles of user licenses. If you have 41 users, you can buy 41 licenses rather than 50.

What are service credits?

Should the Kahootz service fail to meet its availability targets under its Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can claim some of your fees back - we call this Service Credit.

Service credits are awarded when the service availability within any calendar month falls below the target service level. The service credit is a percentage of that month’s service fee.

For subscriptions that are not billed monthly or change during the calendar month, the service fee is treated as the pro-rata monthly fee.


Service Credit

>99% and <99.5%


>= 98% and < 99%


>=97% and < 98%




Tip: Service credits will not accrue unless a site owner is up-to-date with their payment obligations. 

To receive service credits, a site owner for Kahootz Professional must submit a request to within 30 days after the end of the month in which the service failed to meet its service level agreement. 

Do you provide any discounts or reduced rates for annual licenses on Kahootz?

The Kahootz Professional license includes a discount for paying for a year upfront - the annual price is only 8 times the monthly price, essentially giving you four months for free.

We provide a 25% discount for charities, Higher Education and some membership associations on the standard Kahootz prices. To see if your organisation is eligible, please contact us.

For all types of organisations, our pricing model means the per-user cost falls as your numbers increase, making it even more attractive for all your team members to be in Kahootz.

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