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How-To see your Kahootz calendar on iPhone and iPad - Knowledgebase Articles / Functions of Kahootz / Calendars - Software Support

How-To see your Kahootz calendar on iPhone and iPad

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You can view a Kahootz workspace calendar in the Apple Calendar app as follows:

  1. On your iPad or iPhone using the Safari web browser, go to your Kahootz site.
  2. Login and browse to the calendar in question.
  3. Click Calendar Settings - the cogwheel icon next to the week/month tabs.
  4. Hold down your finger on Add the current calendar to a desktop or web calendar.
    Note: If you single click on the button advised above, you'll get an invalid link error message.
  5. Select "copy" from the options shown.
  6. Open a new window within your Safari browser.
  7. Hold down your finger in the web URL bar and then select paste.
    Note: Do not select paste and go as this will not do any action.
  8. Now scroll to the start of the URL address and remove "s" from webcals.
  9. Press enter/go.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions as it will now request to "open this page in calendar"

The calendar should now appear as an additional view in the Calendar app.

Whilst you're there, why not bookmark your Kahootz site on your iPad or iPhone, and add that bookmark to your home screen - Kahootz works happily on mobile devices!

So we can securely check that only you can access your calendar, this process creates a personal "integration token" as part of the URL that uniquely identifies you in the same way your username and password do. Each user on Kahootz gets one integration token that is used in all the calendar integrations.

Your token does NOT change when you update your password or change your email address. However, if you think someone else has got access to your token, or a device/computer that uses the token to access your calendar is lost or stolen you can reset your token which will block the old token. To do that, click on Account > Profile, then the Integrations tab, where you’ll find a Reset button. After resetting you’ll need to remove the old re-establish access to the calendar on any devices you do still want to use by removing the old link and set a new one using the above process.

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