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How-To see your Kahootz calendar in Outlook? - Knowledgebase Articles / Functions of Kahootz / Calendars - Software Support

How-To see your Kahootz calendar in Outlook?

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You can view a Kahootz workspace calendar in your Microsoft Outlook calendar as follows:

  1. Go to the calendar in question.
  2. Click Calendar Settings - the cogwheel icon next to the week/month tabs.
  3. Click on Add the current calendar to a desktop or web calendar.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

The Kahootz calendar should appear as an additional tab on the Outlook Calendar view, in an alternate colour (you can choose the colour through Outlook). 

Outlook allows you to turn the calendar tabs on and off in its left-hand menu. As with any other calendar views in Outlook, you can choose to overlay the calendar tabs together or view them side by side.

Please note that this is a "View" on a calendar - it does not automatically add the events from the Kahootz Calendar to your personal calendar. 

It uses the same mode in Outlook as used to view a colleague's calendar if you're on MS Exchange, their events don't get auto-added to your personal calendar either.

When in side by side mode, you can drag events from the Kahootz calendar into your personal Outlook calendar to add them to your own diary. 

You can't create events in the Kahootz calendar through Outlook, or drag events to the Kahootz calendar as Outlook only supports read access to web calendars. 

Kahootz Tip: If you have multiple calendars from several workspaces, you can add them individually which will allow you to turn them on and off individually in Outlook. If you've got several calenders in one workspace you can either add them individually too, or if you set the Kahootz calendar view to Overlay (through the Calendar Settings cogwheel) before adding the calendar to Outlook, then you'll get a combined calendar.

So we can securely check that only you can access your calendar, this process creates a personal "integration token" as part of the URL that uniquely identifies you in the same way your username and password do. Each user on Kahootz gets one integration token that is used in all the calendar integrations.

Your token does NOT change when you update your password or change your email address. 

However, if you think someone else has got access to your token, or a device/computer that uses the token to access your calendar is lost or stolen you can reset your token which will block the old token. To do that, click on Account > Profile, then the Integrations tab, where you’ll find a Reset button. 

After resetting you’ll need to remove the old re-establish access to the calendar on any devices you do still want to use by removing the old link and set a new one using the above process.

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