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Multiple calendars

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You can create multiple calendars in a workspace, which is useful if you want to separate different types of events. For example, keeping "Internal meetings" separate from "Public events", or different calendars used to book out different resources like meeting rooms. If you have several calendars in a workspace you can choose to overlay the events from all the calendars so you can view them all at the same time.

When looking at a particular calendar, you can turn on or off overlays by clicking on the cogwheel icon,  to the top right of the calendar view, and ticking / unticking Show events from all workspace calendars > Save. Your choice will be remembered by your browser and will apply to all Kahootz calendars until you change it. Remember this is a personal setting, so may differ between users.

Events from the current calendar are shown in blue and events from other calendars are shown in grey. If you click on the event name, the pop-up will show which calendar that event is in.

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