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How do I arrange a meeting?

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Kahootz has a variety of ways to arrange a meeting (not just one)!

Know the time and date of your meeting?

If you know the time and date of your meeting you can create a calendar in your workspace and enter the details for each meeting – pretty straightforward.

To create a meeting in a calendar;

  1. Go to the calendar.
  2. Click on the date of your new event.
  3. On the "Add Event" form, enter details such as Name, Description, Start date, End date.
  4. If you want to repeat the meeting, add an agenda, use conference calling or set permissions for the meeting, click on Add more details.
  5. Click Save.

Don't know the time and date of your meeting?

If you don’t know when you want your meeting to be, but need to collaborate to pick a date/time, you can do this via Quick Polls or Surveys

You can start a discussion in your workspace about the meeting, and add a Quick Poll to it. Quick Polls work when you have one question to answer - for example, you could have a poll which asks which date and time combination is ideal and gives a list to choose from.

Surveys are handy if you need to gather several bits of information - for example, time and date of a meeting, whether people attending need to travel far / need overnight accommodation etc. To find out how to create a survey, see What can surveys be used for?


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