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How-To Use/Generate Recovery Codes for Two-Step Verification - Knowledgebase Articles / Security / Privacy - Software Support

How-To Use/Generate Recovery Codes for Two-Step Verification

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Sometimes you may not have access to your Authenticator App when you need to log into Kahootz. 
We recommend generating a set of recovery codes to let you authenticate your login when you're unable to access your device.

Tip: Treat recovery codes with the same security as you would your password. They should not be shared or distributed!

To generate a new set of recovery codes:
1. Click "Account / Username" then "Password & Security" from the dropdown menu.
2. Click on the "Recovery Codes" tab.
3. Enter your "Current Password" and click "Go"
4. 5 unique single-use only recovery codes will be displayed which you can use to log into Kahootz.

Tip: Recovery codes are single use only, so you'll need to store them somewhere safe because they won't be shown again.

If you contact support requesting a recovery code, generally they will provide you with 5 codes.
When logging into your Kahootz account, enter one of those codes that support provides you.

After using the last code, you'll be presented with a warning message across the top of the screen.

Once you've seen this message, you MUST click on the link above saying: generate a new set of Recovery Codes.

Enter your password and press the "Go" button which will generate 5 more single-use recovery codes for you to use.

Please note: not only will this prevent you from having any login issues but also saves you from contacting support.

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