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How-To Use/Generate Recovery Codes for Two-Step Verification - Knowledgebase Articles / Security / Privacy - Software Support

How-To Use/Generate Recovery Codes for Two-Step Verification

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Tip: Treat recovery codes as you would your password, NEVER share or distribute them!
If you’ve lost or can't access your phone? You’ll need to contact Kahootz Support for assistance.

You must be able to access/log in to your account profile to generate more recovery codes.

If you cannot gain access to your account profile, you won’t be able to follow these steps.

To generate a new set of recovery codes:

  1. Click on your "Name" at the top right corner of the page to open your Account menu.

  2. Select “Password & Security” from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click on the "Recovery Codes" tab.

  4. Enter your "Current Password" and click "Go".

  5. 5 unique single-use-only recovery codes will be displayed, which you can use to log into Kahootz.

Kahootz Tip: Recovery codes are single use only, so once used, they cannot be used again.

If you contact support requesting a recovery code, generally, they will provide you with 5 codes.
When logging into your Kahootz account, enter one of those 5 codes that support provided.

After using the last code, you'll be presented with this warning message across the top of the screen.

Once you've seen this message, we RECOMMEND clicking the link above to generate a new set of Recovery Codes.

Enter your password and press the "Go" button; it’ll generate 5 more single-use recovery codes for you.

Please note: not only will this prevent you from having any login issues, but saves you from contacting support.

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