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Moving items

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To move an item to a different folder in your workspace:

  1. Click on the item you want to move.
  2. Under the Actions Menu click Move to....
  3. In the case of databases, structured documents and surveys, the Move to... action is on the Manage DatabaseManage Structured Document or Manage Survey page instead.
  4. Select which folder you want to move the item too. 
  5. Click the Move button. 

Moving does not count as a modification, so just moving an item won't make it appear on What's New.

Any previous links to the item (in notifications, related links, or anywhere else) will continue to work after the move.


Can't see the Move to... action?

You won't see the Move to... action if you don't have permission to modify that item, or if there aren't any folders in your workspace. You also won't be allowed to move items to a folder where there are restrictions on creating that type of item.


Moving folders

If you want to move several items from the same folder, then the folder view page has a Move items to... action where you can select several items and move them to a folder at the same time. 

Remember: If you move a folder, all items inside the folder will move with it.


Moving between Workspaces

You can move items between two workspaces if you are a manager of both. Use the same process as above, but when you're shown the tree of your current workspace you can click the button to choose a different target workspace.

Please note that team permissions and subscriptions cannot be copied between workspaces as different teams and members will exist in the target workspace. Any permissions set to "Managers + teams" will be changed to just managers as part of the move. Any members who happen to be in both workspaces will need to resubscribe to the item in its new location.
(this does not effect moves inside one workspace).


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