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Private messages

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Private Messages let you send and receive messages directly with other workspace members, workspace managers or the site owner. 

Sending Private Messages

When you are in a workspace you can click on any member's name, wherever it is displayed, and click on the email link to send them a private message.

To send a message to a Workspace Manager, click on the icon - it’s 3 horizontal lines - to open the Workspace Menu and select “Contact the Workspace Manager

To send a message to the Site Owners, click on your name at the top of the page to open the Account Menu and select “Contact the Site Owner”.

Receiving Private Messages

You'll receive an email each time you have a new private message.

You can also read and reply to private messages sent to you as an individual by selecting Private Messages in the Account drop-down in the top menu bar. If you are a Workspace Manager you'll see messages sent to you in that role under Manage Workspace > Private Messages. If you are a Site Owner you'll see messages sent to the Owners under Account > Site Admin > Private Messages.

You can also add a dashboard item to your personal dashboard which will list any unread private messages you have received in any capacity.

When a recipient marks a message as read online, the sender of that message will also be able to see that it has been read. For workspace manager and site owner messages, when any manager or owner reads the message it will be marked as read for all managers/owners.


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