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Reminders and repeats on calendars

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When you create an event you can choose to repeat the event; you will need to decide how often you want the event to repeat, how many times, and when the repeats should stop.

If you create a repeating event it will appear on every repeat in the calendar.

EXAMPLE: If you create an event for 2pm on the 3rd February, then set it to repeat two times, once a week, you will see the 3rd February on your calendar, along with the two repetitions, 10th February and 17th February.

When you modify a repeating event you can either modify all the repeats or just a specific one.

EXAMPLE: If you want to modify your weekly meeting you can change the meeting time for all repeat events or you can just change the time for this week's meeting.

You can also add one or two reminders, which will be sent via email. You can choose who gets the reminder (event creator, or all members who can see the event) and how far in advance of the event the reminders are sent.

EXAMPLE: "Remember to submit expenses before tomorrow." and "Our meeting is in an hour."

On repeating events, reminders will happen for every occurrence of the event. 




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