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Search Across all your Workspaces or Entire Site

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If you click the Search icon at the top of the page, you can search across all your workspaces or the entire site.

It'll automatically search the same workspace if you're already in a particular workspace.

Kahootz Tip: If it doesn’t give you either option, it’ll search all workspaces by default.

Initially, the search form will do a simple search which searches for any items that match all the words you’ve entered.

If that produces too many results, you can refine your search which allows you to go into more detail.
To perform an advanced search, click on the “more options” drop-down at the top right-hand corner.

You can change the “type” of content that you would like to include and search for just documents or all items.
Restrict the search to items “last modified” in the last 24hrs, weeks, months, years or any time.
You can also change the drop-down for which workspaces it searches in.

Please see examples below for the different search functions.

  • Enter a list of any words to find - if you entered red balloon it will match any text containing either the word "red" or the word "balloon", eg. "the large red balloon", "the balloon was red", "my balloon is yellow" and also "red sky at night".

  • Enter a word or phrase - if you entered “red balloon” (with the quotes) then this will only match "red balloon".

  • Using the wild-card character - if you entered ball* (with the astrix) then this will match any number of characters (including none) of an individual word. So if you entered ball*, that will match any text which contain words like "balloon", "ballast", "balls" or even just "ball". You can use the wild-card character at the end of a word or in the middle of a word (eg. ba*n will match "balloon" or "basin" etc.) If you try and specify a wild-card character at the start of a word it will be ignored.

Kahootz Tip: please remove any underscores (_) when searching.

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